Wenger: A few additons are needed

Gunners manager Arsène Wenger has said that the Arsenal squad just needs a few additions to be a team that is in the reckoning for nest year’s title race.

Wenger has admitted that he would like to add to the squad, but won’t go overspend or go overboard as he feels that the Gunners already have a strong base.

Arsène Wenger said: “We need to add, of course, and we will do. But we have a strong base.

“We have enough quality to beat anyone in the world, even with our current squad.

“You have a Champions League Final and only one team has beaten both of them and that is Arsenal.

“We have a good team and the best away team in the Premier League. “The loss of the Carling Cup Final had a huge impact on the team and we did not handle it well.

“It is not catastrophic and do not think we can go to Coventry and find the player who saves Arsenal Football Club.

“I always try to get value for money. That is the job of a football manager” said Wenger.