Walcott: ‘We can definitely win trophies’

Theo Walcott spoke to Arsenal.com shortly after signing a new long-term contract with Arsenal. Read on for the full transcript of his interview.

Theo, how pleased are you to have signed a new contract with Arsenal Football Club?

I’m absolutely delighted. The hard work over the years and the belief of the team, the boss and everyone on the staff, everyone has got behind me which is brilliant and it’s a shame I’ve had some injuries this year but hopefully I just want to have unbelievable seasons to come and hopefully get some trophies on the table.

Does this show how happy and settled you are with your game right now?

Yes I’m absolutely delighted. The way the boss has managed all the team, the players he brings in just settle into the team straight away and just be part of it. It’s fantastic to work with the best manager in the world I’d say, and the stadium behind me is just an unbelievable place to play at as well and I just want to continue playing my football at this club.

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