Theo Walcott: Arsenal Players Are To Blame For Bad Run, Not Wenger

Arsenal Theo Walcott to evaluate the players – and boss Arsene Wenger – are to blame for their worst season starts for 58 years.

Arsenal Wenger is under immense pressure after his side suffered three defeats in five games of their opening Premier League.

But England wing Walcott acknowledges he and his teammates must be made to run the club’s disastrous results.

Walcott said: “The boss is a great man, he can handle anything thrown at him.

“It was the club for over 15 years, and it is not under any pressure whatsoever.

“We players, we need to look at and start doing it on the ground, to be honest.

“Many people would say a matter of defense, but it is not just a back four, you must try to defend the whole team.

“We were not able to do so we need to ensure that we are against Bolton last weekend.

“It will be a difficult game. They come from a good result in the middle of the week.

“We have our fans at home as well. We have some home games and is important for us to have our support at home.

“The head can deal with something.”

Arsenal will be playing from the back of the disappointing 4-3 defeat of Blackburn last weekend.

But despite claiming four points from five games, Walcott believes the Gunners will soon turn the page and go on a winning run.

Speaking to Absolute Radio, he added: “We score goals, we managed to score three goals away from home and still lost, which was disappointing ..

“But we just forget it. We just spent.

“It’s important for us not to dwell on these results, we have had.

“We just have to try to win just take match after match. Maybe we think too far this time.

“As soon as we begin to have a good run, hopefully you will see Arsenal to return true.

“Manchester United had a poor start last season, not as bad as us, but may recover in this way have nothing to fear.”