Jose Mourinho at Arsenal?

What would the Arsenal fans think of Jose Mourinho coming to to the Emirates? Would they let him? There’s been a bit of banter in the news that Jose Mourinho is tipped to come back to the Premier League next season. At the moment he’s top of the league or La Liga in Spain with a clear 7 points difference over main rivals, Catalan giants Barca.

While Real Madrid might like the chance to see Wenger in charge, would it be reciprocated at Arsenal? i was reading Ian Wright’s column today and he thinks not.

I personally agree with Wrighty when he states:

Mourinho has brilliant tactical ability but also a nose for an argument.

He always seems to be in conflict with his players, opposing managers, fans or the board. The Premier League is where he is happiest. Perhaps over here, the fans understand what he is all about.

But I just do not think he would be suited at Arsenal, who have a history of doing things the right way.

I cannot imagine any Gunners manager celebrating a goal by sliding on his knees in the Emirates technical area.

Equally, I do not think Mourinho will ever get the chance of managing Manchester United for much the same reasons as why he will not manage Arsenal. More here.

I think Ian Wright has some valid points to consider and although there is no doubting The Special One’s ability having won leagues in England, Portugal and Italy and being 7 points ahead of mighty Barcelona, Mourinho wouldn’t gel at Arsenal for the reasons that Wrighty has stated above.

It would be a magnificent feat to win the league in Spain and would certainly cement his success as a great trainer. Sometimes clubs don’t need great trainers, they need someone that understands the players, the fans and the board at the same time. Good luck with you job hunting Jose!