Arsenal new boy to be given a start on Wednesday

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Arsenal new boy to be given a starring role on Wednesday?

It seems to me that if Fabio and his team of prima donnas want to progress in this tournament, then he’ll have to unwrap Arsenal playmaker Joe Cole, the England team were hopeless against the mighty Algerians and to see Wayne trailer trash Rooney complaining at the fans was laughable. Then to see that twit William talking to Beckham and laughing at the angry fan really made my blood boil.

Beckham needs to move on, he’s had his day, he reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor, glammed up when she’s 50 years past it. William was there with his often pissed brother, having another free lunch, supporting England, yet a couple of months ago, that same twat was supporting the Welsh, what a scumbag.

And all three of them were recanting the story of the angry fan, the thing is, none of them have done a stroke in their lives and have no idea what it’s like to put your hand in your pocket and buy a ticket,